Water Softeners for San Antonio Homes

Water Softeners for San Antonio Homes

Soft Water in San AntonioWell known as having some of the worst hard water out of anywhere in the country, water softeners in San Antonio are a practical necessity for those who want their water to taste refreshing while being perfectly safe to drink. Likewise, by allowing this city’s excessively hard water to continue flowing through your home’s plumbing, you are drastically cutting the lifespan of the piping. Hard water builds up calcium and magnesium deposits which can cause all kinds of leaking, damage, blockage or others.

Hard Water Will Damage Your Appliances

Still, a water softener in San Antonio does much more than simply protect the pipes themselves – think about all of the appliances around your home that use water to operate. The same hard, crusty substance that can form up in pipes will develop in a way which is not only damaging to the item itself, but the deposits will actually build up tremendously faster in appliances than in the home’s plumbing.

The reason this is the case is merely because items like your dishwasher, clothes washer and even your coffee maker both heats up the water allowing for evaporation to occur and the water is constantly filling up and draining, leaving residual water behind to evaporate as well. The substance ends up blocking coffee filter trays, jamming rotation mechanisms in washers, and covering anything and everything inside a dishwasher making it nearly impossible to open detergent trays, clogging the drain and keeping wheels from turning.

As much as any of these items failing can be a real issue in your home, remember that the arguably most important appliance in your home is your water heater. The dangers of a hot water heater getting clogged up by calcium and magnesium buildup can result in serious damage to the water heater, your home, and anyone that might be around it if it built up enough pressure to actually explode. What makes it all even more hazardous is that water heaters are rarely checked, so even if problems are apparent they will likely go unnoticed.