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Aqua Masters can help with our 5600 Econominder; an efficient, durable system that meets the needs of your family. Our water softener system uses up to 50% less salt and considerably less water by automatically regenerating only when needed.

Unnecessary regenerations are eliminated by a simple, mechanical meter that monitors your use. The heart of our water softeners features a single, heavy-duty motor that efficiently times regeneration cycles which results in a low operating cost. The one-piece valve body made of space age plastic provides exceptional service life, strength and durability.

Our systems come complete with a five year warranty on the valve and power-head. In addition, we have lifetime warranties on the brine tank, the salt reservoir that is used to recharge the resin bed, and the resin tank, which contains the filtering media that removes the impurities and conditions your water supply.

Our water softeners will give you and your family the comfort of knowing your are taking care of your household as water heaters and other appliances operate with less energy and more efficiently.

Conditioned water DOES make a difference!