Water Softener Installation and Repair

Best San Antonio Water Softener and Repairing Services


Aqua Masters can help with our 5600 Econominder; an efficient, durable system that meets the needs of your family. Our water softener system uses up to 50% less salt and considerably less water by automatically regenerating only when needed.

Unnecessary regenerations are eliminated by a simple, mechanical meter that monitors your use. The heart of our water softeners features a single, heavy-duty motor that efficiently times regeneration cycles which results in a low operating cost. The one-piece valve body made of space age plastic provides exceptional service life, strength and durability.

Our systems come complete with a five year warranty on the valve and power-head. In addition, we have lifetime warranties on the brine tank, the salt reservoir that is used to recharge the resin bed, and the resin tank, which contains the filtering media that removes the impurities and conditions your water supply.

Our water softeners will give you and your family the comfort of knowing your are taking care of your household as water heaters and other appliances operate with less energy and more efficiently.

Conditioned water DOES make a difference!

Reverse Osmosis

San Antonio Reverse Osmosis Systems


Installing a reverse osmosis system in your home can replace the need to shop and pay for bottled water. They are affordable, easy to install and require very little maintenance. A standard unit can fit underneath your kitchen sink and produce more than 50 gallons of purified water every day. They require no power, make no noise and they remove the vast majority of impurities and contaminants from the water supply that enters the home.

The element of quality–the Microline R.O. Drinking Water System. Simply stated, this system effectively reduces harmful contaminants, turning everyday drinking water into the water nature intended for us to drink…fresh, natural, and life sustaining–the way water is supposed to be!

Reverse Osmosis is the natural process which sets the foundation of Micro-line R.O. Systems. It may sound technical, but osmosis is a natural organic phenomenon (natural process) that occurs in nature on a continuous basis. When your water first enters the R.O. System, it flows through a pre-filter that protects the automatic shut-off and membrane from clogging with debris.

Water then travels to the operational center of the system; the membrane. Here, most particles too small to be trapped by the pre-filter are removed from the water stream and rinsed to the drain. The final stage is a carbon filter which removes any other tastes and odors before reaching your glass. What you are left with is a sensational glass of purer, cleaner drinking water!

Iron Filters San Antonio

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Rural and well water treatment systems are another one of our specialties. Iron is one of the most common elements found in nature. Just about all water supplies contain some measurable content of iron, but an abundance of this reddish-colored water is often associated with well waters. Another common problem with well water is the presence of hydrogen sulfide, a trapped gas in the water that causes an unpleasant “rotten egg” like odor in your water.

With years of experience in developing systems right for your needs, our technicians at Aqua Masters can custom design a system that is just right for your family. Our Aqua Masters 2500 Series Iron Filter comes with automatic “Set It and Forget It” controls.

Our technicians will help you in deciding the time of day and frequency of regeneration according to the size of your family and the rest is automatic! With cost efficiency in mind, our system is designed to be free from corrosion problems and the fully automatic valve is extremely reliable.

The Aqua Masters Iron Filter’s filtering media is Manganese Greensand, which will remove precipitated Iron, rust, as well as hydrogen sulfide from a water supply. Regular automatic backwashing and regeneration with potassium permanganate renews the oxidizing properties of the filter media leaving your water clear and refreshed!