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RO units are generally installed under your kitchen sink with its own faucet next to your kitchen faucet. A RO uses a thin wound membrane that actually breaks apart the water molecule to eliminate 99% of the total dissolved solids in your water. This is the same process that is used to make bottled water except it is now fresh at your kitchen sink. Our RO makes up to 50 gallons per day and you have up to 2 gallons on demand at any time. Annual filter changes are the only general maintenance on these systems. They also are a great addition to icemakers and refrigerators.

Most water softeners hold 200 pounds or more of salt when filled to the top. Depending on the size of your unit, approximately 8-15 pounds of salt are used per regeneration. In a common household a water softener usually regenerates1-2 times per week, so monthly usage averages 40-80 pounds per month. Always allow the salt to go below the water level in your brine tank before refilling.

A water softener uses ion exchange, a simple process in chemistry, to remove calcium and magnesium from the water. Inside the mineral tank there is a plastic, sand-like material containing negatively charged beads called resin. Each bead is charged with a positively charged sodium ion. As hard water passes through the resin bed, the stronger charged calcium ion replaces the sodium ion on each bead and the softer sodium ion is released into the water. After the resin bed becomes saturated with the calcium ions, the water softener regenerates itself and begins the process all over again.

Water with high levels of dissolved minerals, usually calcium and magnesium, is described as hard. Hard water is not a health risk but creates several problems for the homeowner. Mineral buildup on fixtures, shortening the life of plumbing, increased use of energy, scale in piping, and poor soap/cleaning agent performance are just a few of the problems that hard water creates. An ion exchange water softener totally eliminates hard water scale from your home. Soft water not only fixes these problems but also prolongs the life of appliances, makes your skin and hair healthier, improves your clothes and dishes, and saves you money.

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