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A Fleck Water Softener Works Better Than Your Traditional Water Softener

Water Softener – A Special Filter Used to Cleanse Water of Minerals

Water-Softener-Fleck-Water-Softener-Decwater softener has an important role in a modern lifestyle. Water that is too hard creates quite a number of issues. When someone discusses hard water, they are talking about water that has a high content of minerals such as calcium and magnesium. The water softener is a special filter that uses plastic beads to cleanse the water of these minerals. It’s not that these minerals are harmful to people. Hard water causes clogs over time in pipes because of the film it leaves behind. Hard water also hinders soap from lathering properly during bathing, showering, and dish-washing processes.  READ MORE…

Understanding the Benefits of Water Softener in San Antonio

Water-Softener-San-Antonio-Fleck-Water-Softener-OctThe water in San Antonio is harder than in most other parts of the country. This means the water has high levels of elements like calcium, lime, magnesium and even iron. Hard water has a damaging effect on nearly every part of a home that comes into contact with the minerals. Fortunately, solutions like the Fleck Water Softener system can remove these minerals. Homeowners should understand the benefits of using a water softener San Antonio.


Get Your Water Treatment Done Today

 Water Treatment in San Antonio – Find a Professional Water Softener Company 

Water-Treatment.-San-Antonio-JulyIndividuals living in San Antonio can benefit from a professional water treatment company such as Aqua Masters Inc. A licensed and experienced technician working for this company can provide products including iron filtration devices, reverse osmosis systems and water softeners. Customers can receive efficient services such as deliveries and repairs on equipment designed to improve water quality. Professional technicians are available to visit a home or business to determine the best products a client requires to have softened water. In addition, Aqua Masters Inc. has filtration systems and water softeners that remove harmful minerals that damage appliances and fixtures.  READ MORE…