20 Jul. 17

Reverse Osmosis Systems In San Antonio

Reverse Osmosis Systems By Aqua Masters


Aqua Masters’ reverse osmosis system is considered one of the best systems for purifying the water that comes into a home or business. The system removes contaminants and toxins like nitrates, arsenic and bacteria, but allows clean water to pass. The user can rest assured that the water they’re drinking, bathing in or using to wash clothes or dishes is free of the worst kind of pollutants.

Here’s how it works: first, the water enters a prefilter, then travels to the membrane where particles the prefilter couldn’t handle are trapped, then rinsed away. Finally, the water passes through a carbon filter that cleans up any bad smells and tastes. The RO system installed by Aqua Masters removes 99 percent of the dissolved solids in our customer’s water and can give our customers fifty gallons of fresh, clean water a day. 

Installing A Reverse Osmosis System

reverse osmosis system can be installed in a few ways. If it’s on or above the countertop only the water that’s used for cooking and drinking is purified. This system is easy to install. Reverse osmosis systems that are used under the sink are a bit more complicated to install because they require that the plumbing be slightly rearranged. The only maintenance is a filter change every year. Our reverse osmosis systems can also be hooked up to refrigerators and ice makers.

Aqua Masters is the premier water conditioning company in San Antonio, Texas. We have over thirty years of experience serving our customers in the area. Our technicians are fully licensed and familiar with the latest techniques when it comes to purifying and softening water. Our equipment and products are second to none. We deliver, install, repair and maintain all of our products and our water conditioning equipment.

We can give our customers an in-home evaluation of their water and check it for levels of nitrates, bacteria, minerals, hardness, color, odor and turbidity. We can also check the levels of sodium or lead in the water. Though water that comes into the house via the San Antonio water system has to meet certain standards, it’s important that a homeowner who owns a private well get their water tested. This is crucial if the water is suspected of having radon or other dangerous pollutants.

Home and business owners in the San Antonio area shouldn’t hesitate to contact us at Aqua Masters to get more information about our Reverse OsmosisSystems. We can be reached at our south office at 210-635-7109 and our north office at 210-342-1279.

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