28 Apr. 15

Water Softeners – What You Need to Know About Yours

Hard waWater-Softener-Julyter contains calcium and magnesium. They are naturally occurring substances in the environment, but they have detrimental effects on the water people use in their homes. For example, when people take baths with hard water, they will see evidence of it in the ring that is left around the tub. When they wash their dishes with hard water, they notice that the dishes and glasses are often covered with spots. A San Antonio water softener is what will remove these harmful substances from the water.

Calcium and Magnesium on the Appliances

Calcium and magnesium also have the horrible habit of leaving residue within the appliances. The appliances may not work as well and the homeowners will need to replace these items more frequently than they would if they were using soft water. Adding a San Antonio water softener will cost homeowners a little money at first, but it will actually save them money in the long run.

People can probably imagine that their clothes do not fare well when being washed in hard water. Washing their clothes in this type of water will not have the result of making their clothes appear refreshed, but will actually lead them to appear worn because of the residue left behind.

The Effect of a Water Softener on the Plumbing System

Calcium and magnesium have negative effects on the plumbing in a house. The deposits will build up within the pipes and promote clogs because soap washes down the drain less easily. The entire water system can be affected because calcium and magnesium encourage lime scale to be deposited within the pipes. With all of these deposits blocking the flow of water, the water heater has a much harder time doing its job. Softening the water means that homeowners will have fewer reasons to call the plumber, an expense that can cost into the hundreds of dollars for just one visit.

How Softening the Water Benefits the Entire House

A San Antonio water softener replaces calcium and magnesium with sodium, and this process softens the water. After the San Antonio water softener has had a chance to do its duties, homeowners will notice that the ring is no longer present in their bathtubs and that their dishes come out of the dishwasher cleaner. Their appliances will begin to work at maximum capacity and their clothes will come out of the washer looking like they have actually been washed.