22 Aug. 14

Will Using a Water Softener Prevent Damage to My Home?

Hard-Water-Nov1Many residents who have never used a water softener before may not realize the long-term benefits it can provide for their home. Having hard water means the water has more minerals, like calcium and magnesium in it. A water softener helps remove minerals so the end product is softer and healthier water for the home. It may not seem worth the time or money to maintain soft water in a home, but it actually provides short-term and long-term benefits.

Damage Caused by Hard Water

Most homes in San Antonio, Texas have hard water unless a softener is used. Hard water can have a funny taste if taken straight from the tap. While each city’s water must pass inspection to be healthy to drink, it still contains minerals that have long-term effects on other areas of the home. Hard water tends to make dishes look spotty when washed. Washing vehicles with hard water often results in water spots left behind after the vehicle dries. On a more long-term and potentially more serious level, hard water can clog pipes if the minerals get backed up. The cost of this repair can be fairly substantial when compared to water softener repair.

The Soft Water Difference

Soft water can be beneficial concerning the longevity of major appliances in the home. Laundry machines and dishwashers are the two appliances benefiting most from soft water. The minerals found in hard water cause the machines to run less efficiently because soaps do not dissolve as easily in it. There is a better chance for pipes used by the appliances to get clogged when using hard water. Using soft water reduces the amount of soap and detergent used when washing clothes, dishes or taking a bath or shower.

Save Money with a Water Softener

Comparing the cost of repairs for appliances or pipes to a water softener repair is incomparable. Water softener repair in San Antonio can be done quickly and at a reasonable rate so that homes won’t be without soft water for long. It may be difficult to see short-term benefits, aside from the water tasting and feeling better. However, in the long-run, many homeowners conclude a softener practically pays for itself. Appliances last much longer and homeowners don’t have to spend as much money on soaps and detergents to get the same result.

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