28 Oct. 13

Understanding the Benefits of Water Softener in San Antonio

Water-Softener-San-Antonio-Fleck-Water-Softener-OctThe water in San Antonio is harder than in most other parts of the country. This means the water has high levels of elements like calcium, lime, magnesium and even iron. Hard water has a damaging effect on nearly every part of a home that comes into contact with the minerals. Fortunately, solutions like the Fleck Water Softener system can remove these minerals. Homeowners should understand the benefits of using a water softener San Antonio.

Water Softener San Antonio Benefits

Reduce Damage to Plumbing and Appliances

One of the most important benefits of using a water softener in San Antonio is less damage to plumbing and appliances. The minerals in hard water will actually accumulate on surfaces that are exposed to the water. This can cause calcium and lime to form layers inside of pipes, faucets and appliances like dishwashers. The deposits eventually result in blocked pipes and corrosion. They can even clog the nozzles in icemakers and dishwashers. Water softeners stop this from happening.

Make Cleaning Easier

Hard water leaves behind mineral deposits in tubs and sinks. It does not allow soap to lather. This leaves a residue on dishes and glassware. Hard water can even make cleaning clothes difficult. Homeowners in San Antonio who install a system like the Fleck Water Softener will have a much easier time cleaning. Cleaning times can be greatly reduced since it will not be necessary to scrub away mineral deposits or deal with soap residue on dishes.

Improve Water Heater Efficiency With Water Softener San Antonio

The hard water in San Antonio affects the efficiency of water heaters. The lime and calcium in the water can attach the heating elements inside. This causes the water heater to run for a much longer time just to maintain the set temperature. Using a water softener San Antonio will remove these minerals. A Fleck Water Softener can increase the efficiency of a water heater by as much as 20 percent. This lowers the cost of electricity bills. It also prevents calcium deposits from damaging the heating coils. This will extend the life of the water heater.

Water Feels Cleaner

Many people living in San Antonio do not like the way hard water feels when used to wash skin and hair. Part of this is because the water does not allow soap or other products to distribute correctly. Another reason is that the minerals create a slick or slimy sensation. Adding a water softener San Antonio will immediately resolve this problem. The exchange system in a Fleck Water Softener will remove the minerals and replace them with elements like potassium or sodium. This will make the water feel clean and fresh.

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